My career in Real Estate began as what can best be described as a " temporary engagement", but after almost 3 decades (don't worry about the math, I started when I was 12) of helping people buy and sell, homes and investment properties. it has become my life's work.


I have been an RE/MAX Associate from the beginning, and am proud to be a part of an office that has been the #1 RE/MAX Office Worldwide for 18 consecutive years and a Company that is a major charitable contributor to the Children's Miracle Network and the  Alberta Children's Hospital. 


As the recipient of numerous professional awards (RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Long Service Awards etc.) the professional accolades are nice, but it is what they mean in terms of the people I have been able to help, and who have enriched my life on both a professional and personal level that give them meaning. 


I feel blessed and truly honored to have some of the nicest people I have ever met as my clients.  While the legal definition of our business relationship may define you as either a customer or a client, I operate from the premise that before you are any of these things, you are a person. This is because  I  believe that our ability to authentically serve others, needs to come from a place of genuine concern for their needs as people, before anything else.  It's about my ability to offer services that facilitate your needs: For me to get you from where you are,  to where you need to be, based first and foremost on what is best for you.  


Our industry is in constant flux and being on top of these changes allows me to provide you with information that will enable you to make a well-informed decision. I always say that "the purchase or sale of a property is a relatively straightforward process, but unlike buying a pair of socks at the Bay, if you have a sudden change of heart after the fact, you cannot simply do a return without consequence".I am passionate about ensuring my customers are as well informed as possible. As such, I spend a considerable amount of time in an initial meeting with new clients where I provide a comprehensive overview of what they can expect from start to finish.  This includes going over the process, expenses, other service providers they will need, and finally familiarizing them with all of the contracts and ensuing paperwork. 


 One of the biggest compliments I receive is when clients tell me  that 'no one  has ever told us these things before!"


It was not until after one particular listing appointment that I realized the information I assumed everyone discussed, is often not even mentioned until it's time to sign an actual contract. 


I had finished my listing presentation, the couple looked at one another and then proceeded to tell me that they had spoken to 9 other agents and none of them had gone over everything I had explained to them.  I found it hard to believe, but it was not one or two, it was nine.  


The purchase or sale of Real Estate is one of the largest monetary transactions most of us make. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision. Honesty, integrity and excellent service are the tenets of my business ethic.


I  look forward to assisting you with all your real estate needs.